In Saturday morning’s webinar, Donna answered a lot of your questions! Here are some time markers you can use to easily navigate the answers.

0:0011:00 Margarete: What documents are typically available on a seller carry back note?

11:0017:00 Laurien and John: What are the best ways to find private note holders to whom I can send direct mail?

17:0026:00 Elise: As a ‘newbie note investor’ should I stick with firsts only for a while in order try to avoid potential last minute bankputcy filings? Do you have any other tips for note buyers who have analysis paralysis

26:0029:00 Eugene: After calculating the mortgage payment on a note do you have add in Property Tax, Homeowners Insurance, and anything else that may be included in the payment?

02:0031:00 Eugene: Do you have any thoughts on using (REVAS) Real Estate Virtual Assistant to find private mortgage notes?

31:0033:00 Cynthia: Do I need to set up a LLC from the very beginning? If not, when would be the best time to do it?

33:0035:00 Nate: What are some tax strategies you use and have used in your note business?

35:0039:00 Nan K: If your borrower defaults, how to get a DIL & how best to protect myself?

39:0043:00 Denise: How do you find buyers to flip a note to if you don’t have time to network in person?

43:0045:00 George: After I commit to a note I want to flip, how much time do I have to find a buyer?

45:0049:00 Ben: How do you find an investor willing to provide money for the down payment without any seasoning or payor’s track record for the new note?

49:00 Maria: Is there a recommended order of study for the course I bought? There are videos and notebooks. What order do I do these in?

Congrats to Cynthia who won a copy of Donna’s master negotiating course, Negotiation Is Not A Contact Sport!