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You could not have picked a better time to get involved in note buying!

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Donna Bauer

The Original NoteBuyer ®


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  1. Login/Library URL:
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  3. Log in with the information provided, and navigate to My Dashboard to access your materials.

If you have any issues logging in, send an email to, and Matthew will assist you.


Getting Started: Easy as 1, 2, 3 Coaching on Seller-Financed Notes

Getting started is as Easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Find a note using the marketing strategies in Day 1 of The Original NoteBuyer’s Stimulus Plan:
  2. Complete the Note Submission Form from your Library of Forms:
  3. Email the Note Submission Form to me at

And let the coaching begin!

  • At this point, I’ll walk you through the entire transaction.
  • I’ll evaluate the note and send you back a detailed explanation of our quote
    • You’ll see all of my calculations and my exact thought processes
    • I’ll include negotiating strategies
    • I’ll write out exactly what to say to the Note Seller
    • If you’re not comfortable presenting the offer, I’ll be happy to do a 3-way call and present the offer to the seller myself!
  • When the Note Seller accepts the offer, send me a copy of the Note and I’ll prepare the Note Purchase Agreement and send it back to you to have the Note Seller sign
  • You’ll be the liaison with the Note Seller, while I handle all of the background due diligence (I’ll copy you on everything so you’ll see what I’m doing!)
    • I’ll order title, appraisal and insurance endorsement
    • I’ll line up one of my investors (unless you’d like to buy it yourself!)
  • When we close, we’ll split the net profit 50/50!


Getting Started: Marketing for and Evaluating Seller-Financed Notes

My most successful students are the ones who get started marketing for notes and talking with Note Sellers as quickly as possible.

The beautiful thing about working with me is that you do NOT need to know everything about note buying before you start talking to note sellers! Simply focus on finding the note—you’ll learn all the steps of the note transaction from me, personally, along the way!

That’s why I suggest you go to your Dashboard and start with The Original NoteBuyer’s Stimulus Plan:

This 8-hour training will teach you:

  1. Different ways to find notes, such as direct mail, local networking, and social networking
  2. How to perform an initial evaluation to confirm the note details with the note seller
  3. How to prepare a Note Submission From to start your Easy as 1, 2, 3 Coaching

After watching the video, I strongly recommend you commit to 3 different marketing channels. For example, you may decide to

  1. Attend local REIAs
  2. Network on LinkedIn
  3. Send out direct mail

You’ll focus on these three areas for the first few months to get started finding notes.

Over time, word of mouth referrals will be your best source of leads! Staying dedicated to your marketing channels and keeping leads in the pipeline will help you get referrals as soon as possible.


KEY TO SUCCESS: Immerse yourself in the marketplace!  Don’t rely on just one marketing channel.  Some students think, “I’ll just buy a huge mailing list and spend thousands on mail and wait for leads to come in.” I can promise you, that is not a winning strategy. This business requires us to develop relationships with people. You must commit to networking with people if you want to find deals and make money with notes—whether you’re working with me or not!


Getting Started: Buying a Direct Mail Marketing List of Note Holders

If you would like to buy a list to send out direct mail letters or postcards to find potential note sellers, contact either of these gentlemen in my network:

Be sure to tell them that you are my student, and they will give you a discount!

You can even ask Scott Arpan for “Donna’s List.”  He knows the type of leads I like.

He will also give you an exclusive head start and not give the same leads to other students of mine for at least three months.


Getting Started: Using the HP 10bii Financial Calculator

For the fastest start, watch the video, Intro to The Financial Calculator in The 2021 NoteBuyer’s Academy Virtual World Tour. This classroom-style instruction will have you calculating rates of return and mortgage payments in no time at all.

Follow up with the video, The NoteBuyer’s Infallible 4-Step Process for Calculating Discounted Notes and Preparing Your Offer in The 2021 NoteBuyer’s Academy Virtual World Tour. This an overview of The NoteBuyer’s Evaluation Worksheet, my exclusive 4-Step process for calculating notes.

Or, access the electronic version of The NoteBuyer’s Evaluation Worksheet right from the Dashboard.

If you prefer reading, you’ll love the red manual, Making Dollars and Sense with Your Financial CalculatorBeginners love its easy-to-understand, step-by-step instruction, while experienced investors love the insights and organization of The NoteBuyer’s Evaluation Worksheet, which is invaluable when evaluating your deals.


Getting Started: How to Create Your Own Notes with Maximum Cash Out Value

If you want to buy or sell properties without ever going to the bank, then you may want to start with the green manual, The NoteBuyer’s Guide to SMART Seller Financing: 

These strategies are extremely useful to landlords and contractors who wish to convert their rental portfolios into truly passive income by offering seller financing.

This manual is also valuable for lead generation. You will inevitably run into landlords who would like some guidance on structuring a note. With this training, you’ll be able to advise them on the terms that will allow them to get the most cash for their note if and when they’re ready to sell it in the future.

Keep in mind, you cannot actually write the note for the investor unless you are a realtor or attorney. However, you can let them know the optimum terms that would allow you to pay top dollar for their note in the future.


Getting Started: Become One of my Note Investors

If you’re interested in purchasing notes from me, please complete an Investor Profile so I will know your particular criteria:

When I have a note that meets your criteria, I will reach out via phone or email to offer an opportunity to invest in the note.


Getting Started: Library of Administrative Documents and Legal Forms

Access all of my forms and legal documents for both performing and non-performing notes in the Online Library of Forms. You can download pdf and Word document versions of the individual forms, or a zip file with all the forms in one place.


Thanks again for entrusting me to assist you with your Note Buying endeavors. I can’t wait to start doing some seller-finance note flips with you!

If you have questions about getting started, please email me at, or you can reach Matthew at


Donna Bauer

The Original NoteBuyer ®

= What’s Included in The Note Buyer’s Master Guide System


  • Easy as 1, 2, 3 Coaching on Seller-Financed Notes
    • Use the materials to learn how to find and evaluate notes, fill out the Note Submission Form and email it to Donna.
    • Learn the ropes from Donna as you do deals with her
    • Use her investors and split the profit 50/50 when the note sale closes
    • 6-month period starts when you invest in the coaching
  • The Original NoteBuyer’s Stimulus Plan: Making Money from Home with Notes
    • 8-hour training on marketing for and evaluating note leads
    • Video replays of the 2-day class (4 hours each) and 1.5 hour follow-up Q&A/homework review
    • Downloadable videos, manuals, and example worksheets
  • The Original NoteBuyer’s Master Guide (Gold Manual)
    • The definitive reference for all things note buying. Donna covers the note flipping process from start to finish and details her every step along the way. Includes advanced strategies such as partials, wraps, and building your self-directed IRA.
    • Downloadable PDF and Audio Book mp3s
  • Making Dollars and Sense With Your Financial Calculator (Red Manual)
    • Whether you love numbers or hate numbers, you’ll love this little book. New investors love the step-by-step instruction, while seasoned investors are intrigued by Donna’s fresh insights.  You’ll be amazed to see how Time Value of Money can create amazing profit potential when flipping notes.
    • Downloadable PDF
  • The NoteBuyer’s Guide to SMART Seller Financing (Green Manual)
    • See how you can advise home owners on carrying back financing with terms that will bring top dollar for their note in this market. This manual is very popular with students who are converting their rentals into notes.
    • Downloadable PDF
  • The NoteBuyer’s Academy Virtual World Tour
    • The Academy World Tour is a Note Buying Adventure with me as your guide!
    • Join us in exotic locations across the world, such as our trek through the Amazon.
    • Includes video downloads, mp3s, and PDF handouts.
  • The NoteBuyer’s Academy Media Set
    • The LIVE Academy is absolutely the most comprehensive class that Donna offers, covering all aspects of note buying, from finding to closing deals.
    • Video replays of the latest LIVE NoteBuyer’s Academy
    • Online access to 27 training videos (over 33 hours of training!)
    • Downloadable mp3 versions of each session for offline playback
    • Downloadable Academy Manual (23 chapters) to follow along
  • The NoteBuyer’s Academy Archives
  • The Original NoteBuyer’s Library of Forms
    • Forms you can download, customize, and print for seller-financed notes, as well as other good paper and bad paper deals
    • Use with the Easy as 1, 2, 3 Coaching AND on your own deals!
    • Includes downloadable PDF and .doc/.docx Word versions of each form, plus .zip files of all included forms for easy access
    • 38 forms used in Performing Note Deals, covered in the Master Guide System and NoteBuyer’s Academy Media Set
    • 40 forms used in Non-Performing Note Deals
  • Note Evaluation Worksheet
    • A customized digital spreadsheet that guides you through the “Four Infallible Steps” to evaluate a note within minutes.
    • This is offered for your convenience once you have learned to evaluate with the HP 10bii. Please do not skip over the calculator training!
    • Downloadable .xlsx Spreadsheet
  • Tri-Fold Brochure and Mailer
    • This tri-fold brochure and mailer template can be modified for your own note marketing.
    • Remove FAQs to make room for graphics.
    • This document can be folded, stapled together, and mailed.
    • Downloadable .docx Word file
  • Starter Note Buyer Website Template
    • A website template you can use and modify for your own note marketing website.
    • Includes instructions on how to upload and customize the theme on WordPress, or you can replicate the layout and sections on your own site.
    • Downloadable .json file to use with WordPress Divi

Quick Reference List

How to Buy a List of Note Holders

  • The Original NoteBuyer’s Stimulus Plan, Day 1
  • NoteBuyer’s Master Guide, Chapter 7
  • 2019 NBA Media Set, Chapter 6
  • 2018 NBA Media Set, Chapter 4
  • 2017 NBA Media Set, Chapter 3

How to Gather Information from a New Note Seller

  • The Original NoteBuyer’s Stimulus Plan, Day 1
  • NoteBuyer’s Master Guide, Chapter 7
  • 2019 NBA Media Set, Chapter 7
  • 2018 NBA Media Set, Chapter 5
  • 2017 NBA Media Set, Chapter 4

How to Evaluate a Note

  • The Original NoteBuyer’s Stimulus Plan, Day 2
  • NoteBuyer’s Master Guide, Chapter 9
  • 2019 NBA Media Set, Chapters 8, 11
  • 2018 NBA Media Set, Chapters 6, 8
  • 2017 NBA Media Set, Chapter 4, 6

How to Present the Offer to the Note Seller

  • The Original NoteBuyer’s Stimulus Plan, Day 2
  • NoteBuyer’s Master Guide, Chapter 13
  • 2019 NBA Media Set, Chapter 14
  • 2018 NBA Media Set, Chapter 11
  • 2017 NBA Media Set, Chapter 10

How to Use My Exclusive New Option Agreement to Maximize Your Flip Profits

  • 2021 NoteBuyer’s Academy Virtual World Tour, Sunday afternoon

Helpful Tips

  • Use the search feature (CTRL+F) in the PDFs of the Master Guide books or Academy manuals to quickly search for terms or sections.
  • You can increase the playback speed of the Media Set videos by clicking the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the video player.