Karen and Gladys are two students who had an incredible start with their note business. They followed my strategy of combining home-study materials with hands-on training for real success. In these two videos, Karen does a step-by-step analysis of their first two deals so you can see how my strategies work—even for those new to notes.

Karen’s first deal came from a church friend who became stricken with cancer and needed to turn his monthly rental income into cash. She offered to find him a note buyer. Karen did some internet searches for people who buy notes and found that I would be hosting a 1-day note buying seminar the next day. She attended the seminar, purchased my training materials, and within weeks we flipped the note. Her friend got the cash he desperately needed, and Karen and Gladys put a cool $8,600 in their pockets!

The second deal they did is a perfect example of what I teach about leveraging notes to acquire property with no money down and no cash of your own. Through a realtor, Karen and Gladys found a property that fell out of contract because the conventional financing fell through. The appraisal didn’t come up to his asking price, so the seller decided to do seller-financing… and guess with who? Karen and Gladys! The seller made more money than he was asking for, and Karen and Gladys acquired a nice property and some Mailbox Money.

Check out the videos below for the full scoop.

Part 1: $8,600 PROFIT Just Weeks After Learning Donna’s Master Guide System

Part 2: Acquiring Property with No Money Down and No Cash of Their Own

Karen and Gladys found notes to be the fastest, easiest, and safest way to make huge profits with real estate.

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