New Student Bundle


As a Super Early Bird, you can either buy the whole bundle today or you can buy the Master Guide and Media Set and reserve the option to add the Academy for only $600 before June 30.

If you already have the Master Guide, check out the Current Student Bundle.

Please choose Yes or No for the options to add the Academy today and add a partner.


My Super Early Bird Offer for New Students

I’m excited to offer you the New Student Bundle. New Students are anyone who doesn’t yet own my NoteBuyer’s Master Guide System. This bundle has everything you need to start dealing with notes: my NoteBuyer’s Master Guide System, the brand-new 2017 Academy Media Set, AND registration to this year’s Live Academy. You even have the option to add the $600 Academy tuition today or anytime before June 30.

This bundle includes:

  • NoteBuyer’s Master Guide System (Web Price: $1,247)
  • 2017 NBA Media Set (Web Price: $797)
  • 2018 LIVE NBA Tuition (Web Price: $1,997)
  • Total Bundle Value: $4,041

But you’re not going to pay $4,041, because you’re a Super Early Bird. Instead…

You get my Master Guide and Media Set for only $1,594 with an option to add on the Academy for only $600 before June 30th.

Instead of paying $4,041, you’re paying only $2,194! That’s a Super Early Bird Savings of 54%!

I am committed to helping you learn the note business. If you want to learn notes, it doesn’t get any better than this!

The Master Guide, the Media Set, AND the 2018 LIVE Academy will really jump-start your note investing. Heck, I bet you’ll be bringing deals to work on at the Live Academy!!!


Donna Bauer

The Original NoteBuyer®



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