NoteBuyer’s Academy Media Set


Enjoy the best and latest in Classroom Style Training with this set of recordings and manuals from the 2018 NoteBuyer’s Academy.

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Enjoy the benefit of Classroom Style Note Buying Teaching from Donna’s 4-Day Live Event, without even leaving your home!

The NoteBuyer’s Academy Media Set includes all of the recordings of Donna’s four days of note buying education. You can watch the videos on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, and you can listen to the audio recordings on your favorite device.

This is the most up-to-date, comprehensive training offered by Donna today.

What You’ll Learn Video Playlist:

  • Chapter 1: Popular Strategies to Achieve Your Goals
  • Chapter 2: Sam and Bill Example: Flip a Seller-Carryback Note
  • Chapter 3: The Power of Partials
  • Chapter 4: Early Payoffs Yield Phenomenal Returns
  • Chapter 5: Organizing and Setting Up
  • Chapter 6: Finding Seller-Financed Notes
  • Chapter 7: Talking to the Note Seller
  • Chapter 8: Evaluating a Note
  • Chapter 9: Finding Investors
  • Chapter 10: Beginning Calculator and Time Value of Money
  • Chapter 11: Infallible 4-Step Approaching to Preparing Your Offer
  • Chapters 12 &13: Note Purchase Agreement and Due Diligence
  • Chapter 14: The Simultaneous Closing
  • Chapter 15: What Does a Perfect Note Look Like?
  • Chapters 16 & 17: Note Strategies For Landlords, Rehabbers, and Strategies for Wrap-Arounds, Land Contracts
  • Chapters 18 & 19: Advanced Techniques: Partials, Early Payoffs, and Building Wealth with Self-Directed IRAs
  • Chapter 20: Finding Non-Performing Notes
  • Chapter 21: Building Wealth with NPNs
  • Chapters 22 & 23: Evaluating, Due Diligence, and Closing NPNs

Bonus Sessions

  • Ben Bauer, Attorney, Asset Protection Considerations
  • Carl Fisher, CamaPlan, Self-Directed IRA Q&A
  • Q&A Panel with Ben, Carl, and Donna
  • Donna’s Testimony, Worship with Henry Flowers
  • Jim Hartmann, Note Master, Direct Mail Strategy Note Deals
  • Bill Griesmer, Note Master, Lessons Learned from First Deals

Click here for a free preview of the Media Set!