The Original NoteBuyer’s Stimulus Plan: Make Money from Home with Notes


Due to the unprecedented number of people being forced to work from home, Donna has decided to host a special online class on making money from home by flipping notes. To register for the class, simply add this item to your cart and check out. You’ll receive an email confirmation with links to the recordings. Read below for details.

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Flipping notes is the perfect strategy for making money NOW while you’re stuck at home—without your own cash or credit.

Note holders need cash, too, and we have the perfect solution for them.

That’s why Donna has decided to host a Special Event so you can start finding and flipping notes immediately.

This unique market requires unique solutions. We’ll cover:

  • How to reach desperate note sellers
  • New evaluation strategies to protect our investors
  • My exclusive new deal structure that maximizes cash to note sellers
  • Working with me and my investors to close more deals
  • Role-playing with note sellers

Jump-start your note buying with this training so you can make up to $10,000 (or more) in the next 30 days, without your own cash and without leaving your home!

Registration includes:

  • Recordings of 8 hours of training
  • PowerPoint Handouts
  • Class Syllabus
  • Note Submission Form
  • Special Coronavirus Direct Mail Letter Template

All for Only $97!