The NoteBuyer’s Online Academy Package


The All-New, Original NoteBuyer’s Online Academy is your one-stop-shop for learning note buying. Donna has taken “the best of the best” training from her years of live and online events and organized it in an easy-to-follow online class format. This is the quickest, most authoritative way to get started in note buying that you’ll find anywhere.

This offer includes access to the new Online Academy, as well as 6 months of deal coaching with Donna and access to her legacy training materials. Read below for more details.


The Original NoteBuyer’s Online Academy

The Online Academy has 10 courses hand-crafted by Donna to get you on board with note buying as quickly as possible. Each course has Donna’s latest, most comprehensive teaching on each topic. If you start at the beginning and finish these 10 courses, you will be prepared to talk with note buyers, give quotes, make offers, close deals, and earn a profit on your note flips or investments—plus a lot more.

Each course includes lessons, video and audio downloads, relevant manuals and worksheets, and other resources to help you learn.

Online Academy Courses

  1. Introduction to Notes
  2. Flipping Seller-Carryback Notes
  3. Easy as 1, 2, 3 Coaching on Flipping Seller-Financed Notes
  4. Note Calculations with the HP10Bii Financial Calculator
  5. Using Notes Inside Your Self-Directed IRA
  6. Using Notes Outside Your IRA
  7. Finding Investors to Fund Your Note Transactions
  8. Master Strategies: Partial Purchase
  9. Master Strategies: Option Agreement
  10. Creating Your Own Private Lending Program


Easy as 1, 2, 3 Coaching on Seller-Financed Notes

Donna’s Easy as 1, 2, 3 Coaching is the best hands-on training you’ll find in the note market. Donna will walk you through each step of the note transaction, give you feedback on your communication with the note seller, and prepare all the paperwork. Once the deal closes, you’ll split the profit 50/50. The 6 month period starts when you invest in the program, and the coaching itself starts once you submit a note lead.


The Original NoteBuyer’s Legacy Training

Donna has been producing the industry’s best note buying training for decades. Over the years, she has accumulated many hours of video training, as well as many books, forms, and other resources. Even though she’s already chosen the cream of the crop for the new Online Academy, Donna is still giving her students access to her compendium of knowledge.

You’ll get access to all of these resources to dive even deeper into note buying:

  1. The Original NoteBuyer’s Master Guide (PDF and audiobook)
  2. The Original NoteBuyer’s Guide to SMART Seller-Financing (PDF)
  3. Making Dollars and Sense with Your Financial Calculator (PDF)
  4. Online Library of Forms
  5. 2019 NoteBuyer’s Academy Live Event (Video and Audio Recordings, Manual)
  6. 2020 and 2021 NoteBuyer’s Academy Virtual World Tour (Recordings, Manual)
  7. The Original NoteBuyer’s Stimulus Plan (Recordings and Manual)
  8. Note Evaluation Worksheet
  9. Tri-fold Mailer/Brochure
  10. Website Template
  11. Plus much more!