2019 NoteBuyer’s Academy Super-Duper Early Bird Special



Single Attendee: $1,497

Bring a Partner: Add $600

Master Guide required to attend.

Don’t have it yet? Add it to this bundle for only $997.


Single Attendee: $1,497

Bring a Partner: Add $600

Note: Due to the comprehensive nature of the training at the NoteBuyer’s Academy, The Master Guide System is a prerequisite to attend. Don’t have it yet? Add it to this bundle for only $997.

The Early Bird Special Includes Savings On:

  • Attendance to the Live NoteBuyer’s Academy

  • Immediate Access to the 2018 NoteBuyer’s Academy Media Set

  • The NoteBuyer’s Master Guide System (if you don’t already own it)

Read below to learn more about each resource. Note: The Early Bird Special includes savings on the standalone 2018 NoteBuyer’s Academy Media Set. This item is already discounted on the Products page. No coupon code required.


2019 LIVE Academy Registration

September 19-22, 2019 | Covington, Kentucky

This exclusive, highly-acclaimed training will take Donna’s NoteBuyer Master Guide Home Study System to a whole new level for you.  You’ll receive four days of hands-on, personal training from Donna herself.  Donna will show you exactly how to capitalize on market conditions and build wealth faster than you ever thought possible, even without your own cash or credit!  She’ll cover a number of amazing strategies, including:

  • Buying and Selling Seller-Carryback Mortgages or Defaulted Bank Loans for quick cash now or long term cash flow! 
  • Buying Defaulted Bank Loans as a back door to acquiring properties at super-low prices!
  • Creating Seller-Financed Notes with Maximum Cash Out Value!

What You Will Learn

  • How to put money in your pocket in the next 30 to 60 days, without your own cash or credit
  • How to acquire properties at maximum discounts with NONE of your own cash or credit
  • How to take your IRA from $100 to $50K or more, without even making a contribution
  • How to build your own personal portfolio of notes without using any of your own money
  • How to make fantastic profits by helping distressed homeowners—a real win/win!
  • How to build your own real estate portfolio and never have to deal with tenants, trash, toilets or rehabs!
  • How to create a monthly cash flow for years to come, with little or none of your own money invested
  • How put a million dollars in your IRA without paying a dime in taxes
  • How to buy defaulted loans from the banks and turn them into cash cows
  • How to use Seller-Financing to buy and sell properties for maximum profits, without ever going to the bank
  • How to modify Non-Performing Bank Notes for a win/win outcome
  • How to use partials to recapitalize while seasoning your re-performing notes
  • How to make great profits with notes and never have to worry about Dodd-Frank issues
  • How and when to be Dodd-Frank compliant
  • How to massage an ordinary note into extraordinary returns of 60% or more
  • How to eliminate the competition when dealing with note sellers
  • How to find more Notes than you can handle
  • How to negotiate with Note Sellers and get more deals under contract
  • And much, much more!

Learn more about the 2019 Live NoteBuyer’s Academy.


2018 NoteBuyer’s Academy Media Set

Enjoy the benefit of Classroom Style Teaching from Donna’s 4-Day Live Event, without even leaving your home!

Everyone raved about the Academy!  This Academy received absolutely raving reviews! Donna covered all aspects of Buying Seller-Financed notes, Creative Deal Structuring, Originating Seller-Financed Notes, and Making Huge Profits with Non-Performing Notes.

Included In Package:
  • Online Access to 4 days of Academy Videos
  • Downloadable MP3’s (Audio Files) for all 4 days
  • ​Downloadable Academy Manual to follow along

What You’ll Learn Video Playlist:

  • Chapter 1 – Intro to Notes
  • Chapter 2 – Sam and Bill Examples
  • Chapter 3 – Organizing and Setting Up
  • Chapter 4 – Part 1 – Finding Seller Financed Notes
  • Chapter 4 – Part 2 – Finding Seller Financed Notes
  • Chapter 5 – Talking to the Note Seller
  • Chapter 6 – Evaluating a Note
  • Chapter 7 – Financial Calculator
  • Chapter 8 – Structuring Your Offer/Infallible Four Steps
  • Chapter 9 – Note Purchase Agreement
  • Chapter 10 – Finding Investors
  • Chapter 11 – Part 1 – Note Deal Walkthrough
  • Chapter 11 – Part 2
  • Chapter 12 – Creating the Perfect Note
  • Chapter 13 – Using Partials to Create Equity
  • Chapter 14 – Note Strategies for Landlords and Flippers
  • Chapter 15 – Part 1 – Wrap-Around Mortgages
  • Chapter 15 – Part 2 – Land Contracts
  • Chapter 16 – Partials, Amortizations, and Early Payoffs
  • Chapter 17 – Build Wealth with your Self-Directed IRA
  • Chapter 18 – Finding Non-Performing Notes
  • Chapter 19 – Building Wealth with Non-Performing Notes
  • Chapter 20 – Evaluating Non-Performing Notes
  • Chapter 21 – NPN Due Diligence and Closing
  • Chapter 22 – Modifications and Forbearances

Bonus Sessions

  • The Easy Way to Phenomenal Rates of Return
  • Legal Considerations in Structuring Your Note Business with Attorney Ben Bauer
  • Phone Call Roleplay
  • Private Lending Made Easy with Alan Cowgill
  • Self-Directed IRAs with Carl Fischer by CamaPlan
  • Sunday Morning Worship with Henry Flowers and Donna’s Testimony

Learn more about the 2018 NoteBuyer’s Academy Media Set.


The NoteBuyer’s Master Guide System

EVERYTHING you need to jump start your success to:

  • Buy and Sell Privately Held Mortgages
  • Use Notes to Buy and Sell Properties without Your Own Cash
  • Use Non-Performing Notes to Acquire Properties
  • Restructure Non-Performing Notes for Super-High Returns

You’ll get the highly acclaimed NoteBuyer’s Master Guide
(400+ page manual & 10 hrs. audio on a USB flash drive)

Plus these 9 Incredible Bonuses:

  1. The 2018 NoteBuyer’s Media Set (Digital Video and Audio of Donna’s premier, 4-day LIVE event with downloadable manual to follow along)
  2. SMARTSeller-Financing (digital copy)
  3. Making Dollars & Sense Calculator Course (digital copy)
  4. Advanced Calculator Manual
  5. Online Customized Forms & Legal Documents
  6. 20 Ways to Do a Note Deal (PDF download)
  7. Special Report: How to Purchase A Property with No Money Down and STILL Give the Seller Cash at Closing
  8. First Dibs on Donna’s Deals
  9. 6 months of Easy as 1, 2, 3 Coaching. Utilize the materials to learn how to find, evaluate, and submit a note, and then get coached by Donna and her team on all the due diligence and closing steps. Donna will use her pool of investors to close your deal. Split the profit when the deal closes.

Over $13,080 in Value

Learn more about The NoteBuyer’s Master Guide System.


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