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In this week’s TAKE NOTE!, I teamed up with my good friend, Marc Halpern of, to bring you some awesome note strategies for part-time investors. Marc challenged me to find a way for a part-time investor to make huge returns over and over with a single $100,000 note investment. Wait until you see all that you can do with these strategies!

If you’re interested in more investment strategies that fit a part-time schedule, you should head over to Marc’s website. He is downright brilliant, and I’m honored to be collaborating with him. If you scour his blog, you’ll find that he is fair and covers the advantages and disadvantages of different strategies. He’s interested in numbers and data, not hype!

Note: We started the recording a few minutes into the show, so you missed Marc’s introduction. The video begins with me thanking Marc for coming up with the incredible challenge to find a way for part-time investors to make money over and over with notes and a single $100,000 investment. Enjoy!