2019 NBA Video – Chapter 1: Popular Strategies to Achieve Your Goals

2019 NBA Video – Chapter 1: Popular Strategies to Achieve Your Goals

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Getting Started

Video: Use the below links to view the video for each chapter.

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Chapters 1-11


Chapters 12-23

  • Chapter 12,13: Note Purchase Agreement and Due Diligence
  • Chapter 14: The Simultaneous Closing
  • Chapter 15: What Does a Perfect Note Look Like?
  • Chapter 16,17: Note Strategies For Landlords, Rehabbers, Wrap-Arounds, Land Contracts
  • Chapter 18,19: Advanced Techniques: Partials, Early Payoffs, and Building Wealth with Self-Directed IRAs
  • Chapter 20: Finding Non-Performing Notes
  • Chapter 21: Building Wealth with NPNs
  • Chapter 22,23: Evaluating, Due Diligence, and Closing NPNs


Bonus Sessions

  • Selling Notes to Institutional Buyers
  • Asset Protection Considerations
  • Self-Directed IRA Q&A
  • Panel Q&A a
  • Donna's Testimony
  • Direct Mail Strategy Note Deals
  • Lessons Learned from First Deals


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