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2021 NoteBuyer’s Academy Virtual World Tour

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Quick Start Essentials


Welcome to your online library of note buying materials. These tools will help you get started.

If you don’t see any links below, you may not have Donna’s Master Guide System. You can add it to your Library by clicking here. If you have already invested in it, send us an email to so we can update your account.

COVID-19 UPDATE: See screenshot for Donna’s updated list parameters, and use this new Direct Mail Template for Today’s Unique Market.



For detailed strategy and training on these topics, refer to any of the listed sections:

How to Buy a List of Note Holders

  • NoteBuyer’s Master Guide, Chapter 7
  • 2019 NBA Media Set, Chapter 6
  • 2018 NBA Media Set, Chapter 4
  • 2017 NBA Media Set, Chapter 3

How to Talk to a New Note Seller

  • NoteBuyer’s Master Guide, Chapter 7
  • 2019 NBA Media Set, Chapter 7
  • 2018 NBA Media Set, Chapter 5
  • 2017 NBA Media Set, Chapter 4

How to Evaluate a Note

  • NoteBuyer’s Master Guide, Chapter 9
  • 2019 NBA Media Set, Chapters 8, 11
  • 2018 NBA Media Set, Chapters 6, 8
  • 2017 NBA Media Set, Chapter 4, 6

How to Present the Offer to the Note Seller

  • NoteBuyer’s Master Guide, Chapter 13
  • 2019 NBA Media Set, Chapter 14
  • 2018 NBA Media Set, Chapter 11
  • 2017 NBA Media Set, Chapter 10

Helpful Tips

  • Use the search feature (CTRL+F) in the PDFs of the Master Guide books or Academy manual to quickly search for terms or sections.
  • You can increase the playback speed of the Media Set videos by clicking the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the video player.


My Personal Library

The NoteBuyer’s Academy Media Set

27 Videos of all 4 Days of Live Training

27 MP3 Audios to Download

Full Academy Manual, 23 Chapters

Donna’s Stimulus Plan Online Class

Due to the unprecedented number of people being forced to work from home, Donna has decided to host a special online class on making money from home by flipping notes. To register for the class, simply add this item to your cart and check out.

Easy as 1, 2, 3 Coaching Program

Donna’s ready to coach you through the due diligence and closing of the notes you find in your marketing!

Go to the coaching page to learn how to submit your note.

The NoteBuyer’s Master Guide System

The Original NoteBuyer’s Master Guide (Gold Manual)

The definitive reference for all things note buying. Donna covers the note flipping process from start to finish and details her every step along the way. Includes advanced strategies such as partials, wraps, and building your self-directed IRA.

Making Dollars and Sense With Your Financial Calculator

Learn your way around the financial calculator by following Donna through deals you’re likely to find. You’ll be amazed to see how Time Value of Money can create amazing profit potential when flipping notes. 

The NoteBuyer’s Guide to SMART Seller Financing

See how you can advise home owners on carrying back financing with terms that will bring top dollar for their note in this market. This manual is very popular with students who are converting their rentals into notes.

Master Guide System Tools and Bonuses

Note Evaluation Worksheet

A custom spreadsheet that guides you through Donna’s “Four Infallible Steps” to evaluate a note within minutes.

NOTE: This is offered for your convenience once you have learned to evaluate with the HP 10bii. Please do not skip over the calculator training!

Tri-Fold Brochure Mailer

This tri-fold brochure and mailer template can be modified for your own note marketing.

Remove FAQs to make room for graphics.

This document can be folded, stapled together, and mailed.

Website Template

A website template you can use and modify for your own note marketing website.

Includes instructions on how to upload and customize the theme on WordPress, or you can replicate the layout and sections on your own site.

Other Bonuses

Previous Academy Audio Excertps

Mortgage vs. Deed of Trust States

Additional Resources

Library of Forms

Forms you can download, customize, and print for seller-financed notes, and other good paper and bad paper deals, including specific state and other common forms

Negotiating Is Not A Contact Sport

Master the Art of Negotiating with this power-packed book and audio book set by Donna Bauer & Gil Weiss.

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