Library of Forms

Welcome to the Library of Forms. Click a link below to download a form or .zip of each set.

Master Guide Forms

Get a .zip file of all the Master Guide Forms: Download Now
Assignment of Note: Download Now
Authorization to Release Information: Download Now
Closing Instruction Letter: Download Now
Deal Checklist: Download Now
Direct Mail Letters: Download Now
Endorsement Samples: Download Now
Grant Deed (California): Download Now
Mortgagee Affidavit: Download Now
Mortgagor Affidavit: Download Now
Notary Paragraphs: Download Now
Note Evaluation Worksheet: Download Now
Note Purchase Agreement Whole (Deed of Trust): Download Now
Note Purchase Agreement Whole (Mortgage): Download Now
Note Purchase Agreement (Simple Letter): Download Now
Note Purchase Agreement (Partial): Download Now
Note Submission Form: Download Now
Note Submission Form for Seller to Complete: Download Now
Notice of Assignment (Partial): Download Now
Notice of Assignment (Whole): Download Now
Pay History Affidavit: Download Now
Pay History Affidavit (Short Version): Download Now
Referral Program: Download Now
Representation Disclaimer (Blank): Download Now
Representation Disclaimer (Sample): Download Now
Request For Change in Mortgagee Insured: Download Now
Trust Affidavit: Download Now
Trust Agreement for holding Notes: Download Now
Vendee Estoppel Affidavit (Sample): Download Now
Vendor Estoppel Affidavit (Sample): Download Now

Non-Performing Note Forms

Download a .zip of all NPN forms
01.Delinquent Mortgage Checklist.doc
02.Delinquent Mortgage Data Sheet.2020.doc
02.Delinquent Mortgage Data Sheet.2020.pdf
03.Newpaper Ads.doc
04.1st From the Heart Letter.doc
05.2nd From the Heart Letter.doc
06.3rd From the Heart Letter.doc
07.Divorce List or Delinquent Taxpayer Letter.doc
08.Divorce List or Delinquent Taxpayer Flyer.doc
09.Probate Letter to Personal Representative.doc
10.Probate Letter to Probate Attorney.doc
11.Stop Foreclosure Flyer.doc
12.Bandit Signs.doc
13.Car Signs.doc
14.Telephone Script.doc
15.Acknowledgement of Homeowner.doc
16.Contract to Purchase Real Estate.NPN.doc
16b.Contract To Purchase Real Estate.blank form.doc
16b.Contract To Purchase Real Estate.blank form.pdf
17.Bill of Sale.doc
18.Escrow Agreement.Deed.doc
19.Warranty Deed.doc
20.Quit Claim Deed.doc
21.Limited Power of Attorney.doc
22.Authorization to Release Information.doc
23.Executive Summary Cover Page.doc
24.Executive Summary Letter.doc
25.Net Sheet.doc
26.Title Insurance Order.form.doc
27.Escrow Agreement. Deed in Lieu.doc
28.Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure.doc
29a.Defaulted Note & Mortgage Purchase Agreement.blank form.doc
29a.Defaulted Note & Mortgage Purchase Agreement.Sample.doc
30.Offer 1 to Purchase Note From Bank.doc
31.Offer 2 to Purchase Note From Bank.doc
32.Offer 3 to Purchase Note From Bank.doc
33.Offer 4 to Purchase Note From Bank.doc
34a.Forbearance With Deed in Escrow.blank form.doc
34a.Forbearance With Deed in Escrow.explanation.doc
35.Promissory Note.You’re the Lender.doc
36.Mortgage.You’re the Lender.doc
37.Assignment of Rents.doc
38.Promissory Note.You’re the Borrower.doc
39.Mortgage.You’re the Borrower.doc
40.Satisfaction and Release of Mortgage.form.doc

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