Donna Bauer’s Note Masters Has 3 Openings!

Take your Easy as 1, 2, 3 Coaching on Seller-Financed Notes to the Next Level by joining Note Masters, my Mastermind and Mentorship program where you’ll receive my personal assistance on building your note business, in addition to closing deals.

Note Masters begins with an initial 2-hour initial consultation. This will help me understand your goals and current situation so I can best advise you on growing your note business with Note Masters.

You’ll continue to work on deals and split profit with me under the Easy as 1, 2, 3 Coaching, and I’ll even assist with deals that are not covered by the Easy as 1, 2, 3 Coaching, such as non-performing notes.

As a Note Master, you’ll also enjoy the Exclusive Benefits on this page.

Read below about this limited opportunity.


Note Masters at the Retreat in Covington, KY

How Will You Benefit From My Personal Mentoring?

Training and Development

Monthly 1:1 Personal Time Call

We’ll set aside 1 hour each month to talk specifically about a goal or goals you’ve set for your life or business, or other topics that would be helpful to you.

Some students use this time to pick my brain as they’re putting together their own deals. This helps them close deals on their own—meaning they don’t have to split the profit with me. 😉

Others use it for guidance on their marketing, business organization, negotiations, other areas of Real Estate Investing, Private Lending, and even on converting a rental portfolio into a note portfolio.

Monthly Training Meeting (Third Tuesdays)

Each month, we have a special advanced note training session. These can be creative, novel strategies I’m using on my own deals or other advanced techniques I use in other deals with students and Note Masters.

For example, my Note Masters knew about my Option Agreement and had copies of the documentation to use before I released it to the public!

Sometimes—once or twice a year—I invite a special speaker to present related topics and strategies related to notes and business, personal development.

Monthly Development Meeting (First Thursdays)

The first of our two monthly group meetings is devoted to a book review on personal and professional development and other mindset- and goal setting-oriented topics.

We’ve read through Mindset and Atomic Habits, and now we’re covering Never Split the Difference. This call is led by Bill Griesmer, a Note Master dedicated to helping people reach their goals.

In-Person Retreats

Three times per year, Note Masters gathers for a weekend retreat, generally held at a mansion in Covington, KY, about 15 minutes from CVG International Airport and just minutes from downtown Cincinnati. Sometimes we decide to meet elsewhere, such as the Great Lakes.

Saturday begins with each member has 45 minutes to give an update to the group. In the spirit of mastermind, we discuss progress made since the last retreat and how those goals have adjusted, requesting input from members depending on any expertise needed.

Sunday morning begins with an optional prayer time, followed by an in-depth, advanced note training session led by me. I share creative strategies I’m using with my own deals or those of of other Note Masters, sometimes even new things that I haven’t debuted publicly, such as my Option Agreement.

We share the cost of the lodging and on-site food, and I treat everyone to a nice dinner on Sunday night.

We always have a refreshing, enlightening time at these retreats and always wish we could stay longer.

Other Benefits

✔️ NoteBuyer’s Academy Tuition Included: Attend the Academy throughout the year at no additional cost

✔️ All the Training: Access to all Media Sets, latest Master Guide System, and Supplemental Trainings

✔️ Be Part of My Inner-Circle: Note Masters are my top-priority students and investors

What Level Are You Ready For?

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