Q&A Webinar: How would the Proposed Budget Reconciliation Bill Affect My IRA and Note Business?

Featuring CamaPlan’s IRA Genius, Carl Fischer

Hosted by Donna Bauer

First Aired On: Thursday, October 14th, 7pm est

Self-Directed IRA Q&A

Wondering how the proposed Reconciliation Bill will affect your IRA?

Don’t miss this timely Q&A with Donna Bauer and Carl Fischer, Principal of Camaplan.

Learn why this Bill could mean a Golden Era for seller-financed notes, note buyers, and note buying.

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Questions Answered

These are roughly in the order they’re answered on the call.

  1. If Washington does NOT eliminate the option to hold an “Checkbook LLC” in an IRA, how do you recommend handling who manages the LLC?
  2. If Washington does NOT eliminate the option to hold an “Checkbook LLC” in an IRA, but eliminates the IRA owner from being the manager , how and when do you recommend handling the transition to a non disqualified manages the LLC?
  3. In a situation where a Check Book LLC has invested in an LLC, what is your current recommendations for a plan of action to comply with proposed legislation? Do we sit tight and wait? Or is there anything we should do now?
  4. Any reason an IRA could not make a distribution of an Ownership in an LLC to remove the LLC from the IRA rather than liquidate to position?
  5. Will I not be able to convert my traditional IRA or 401K to a Roth through the back door method if this bill passes?
  6. Since 401(k)’s are not explicitly cited in 138312 & 138314, are solo 401k’s exempt for the moment or are they somehow implied?
  7. Under current regulations, can a person combine funds from different Roth IRAs (owned by the same person under different custodians) and HSA [so as to have enough funds] to buy notes? If so, what are the procedures? Do you need attorney for this?
  8. Under current regulations, can 2 or more people who each have an IRA (Traditional or Roth—all self-directed) partner to buy notes? If so, how to partner (forms needed?)? Do you need attorney for this?
  9. What do you feel is an acceptable level of service for response time on a purchase request or if questions, to ask for any missing details?
  10. “With potential changes to IRA regulations, what options will we have for selling and moving assets?” LLC’s, Partnerships over 10%, etc
  11. I have a Self-Directed Roth IRA with TD Ameritrade. I have a company, BitIRA.presenting me with a Bitcoin IRA option. Also I have another company with a Self-directed LLC Banking IRA that links my LLC, Business Checking, and IRA. So I can just run my Business & Investments directly out of my Self-directed IRA. My LLC mostly does Investment Real Estate & other Investments And I have a relatively large Crypto footprint along with Stocks, Options, and Forex. Can I combine all this under an LLC Checking IRA? And what do you recommend?
  12. how much is needed to get started
  13. one note one investor, but what about partnering with another IRA, so one note, two investors?
  14. Can you discuss how a self directed IRA works? What are the fees?
  15. Carl mentioned turning an IRA into a 401K. How does one do that? You can’t roll an IRA into a 401k, can you?
  16. It’s my understanding that all private placements with accredited investors have to be distributed, no grandfathering. This seems like a logistical nightmare to implement; how would all the private placement sponsors do this going back 20+ years. If the accredited investor invested in a private placement as a LLC member, would this investment have to be distributed?

Hosted By Donna Bauer

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