My friend, Vena Jones-Cox of Real Life Real Estate, is hosting her Note Summit this coming Saturday and Sunday, August 11th and 12th.

On Saturday the 11th, I’ll be presenting an overview of notes and my system for making huge profits with notes. On Sunday the 12th, I’ll have a shorter, but more in-depth presentation on my Infallible Four Steps to Discounting Notes.

Here are some of the other topics that will be covered throughout the event:

• How real-life investors find, fund, and make money from notes in the 2018 market
• How to evaluate the value of a note
• Why creating your own notes might be the easiest and most profitable way for you to get into the business
• How to negotiate deals with ‘civilian sellers’ of notes
• How to get non-performing notes from banks
• How to use your IRA to create, invest in, or buy notes
• Notes vs. land contracts: which is better?
• What to do when a good note goes bad
• How to fund other people’s notes, and get them to fund yours
• Real-life deal evaluations
• Buyer/seller forum


Click here for more info and to register!

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