Special Offer for fellow Captains of the Deal Cruisers

Want to learn how to make money in real estate without the hassles of traditional investing?

Look no further than note investing. My 2019 NoteBuyer’s Academy Media Set will teach you how to:

  • Buy and Sell Privately Held Mortgages
  • Use Notes to Buy and Sell Properties without Your Own Cash
  • Use Non-Performing Notes to Acquire Properties
  • Restructure Non-Performing Notes for Super-High Returns

You’ll get my highly acclaimed 2019 NoteBuyer’s Academy Media Set, which will show you how to make huge returns in real estate the safe, fast, and easy way. Here are some sample lessons from the Set:

  • Early Payoffs Yield Phenomenal Returns
  • Finding Seller-Financed Notes
  • Talking to the Note Seller and Evaluating the Note
  • Beginning Calculator and Time Value of Money
  • Infallible 4-Step Approaching to Preparing Your Offer
  • Note Purchase Agreement and Due Diligence
  • The Simultaneous Closing
  • What Does a Perfect Note Look Like?
  • Note Strategies For Landlords, Rehabbers, and Strategies for Wrap-Arounds, Land Contracts
  • Advanced Techniques: Partials, Early Payoffs, and Building Wealth with Self-Directed IRAs

PLUS, You’ll Get 6 months of Easy as 1, 2, 3 Coaching on Seller-Financed Performing Notes. Utilize the materials to learn how to find, evaluate, and submit a note, and then get coached by Donna and her team on all the due diligence and closing steps. Donna will use one of her investors to close your deal. Split the profit when the deal closes.


The 2019 Academy Media Set is normally priced at $1,497, but since you’re a fellow Cruiser, I’m going to give you a discount and an amazing bonus.

Save $250 Today. Get started learning notes with my latest Academy Media Set Training, and I’ll give you 6 months of my Easy as 1, 2, 3 Coaching on Seller-Financed Performing Notes—all for just $1,247!

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If you have any questions, please don’t hesistate to contact us!


Donna Bauer, The Original NoteBuyer®