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Easy as 1, 2, 3 Coaching on Seller-Financed Performing Notes

  1. You find a note and email a Note Submission Form.
  2. Donna and her team will walk you through the due diligence and closing.
  3. Learn how to do a deal and split the profit.



  • Online Note Evaluation Worksheet
  • Tri-fold Brochure & Mailer Template
  • Website Template

Brand New: 2019 NoteBuyer’s Academy Media Set

The 2019 Media Set will be available for purchase soon.


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2018 NoteBuyer’s Academy Media Set

33 Videos of all 4 Days of Live Training

33 MP3 Audios to Download

Full Academy Manual, 23 Chapters

Download the manual and follow along from home. Learn every note strategy Donna covered at her latest NoteBuyer’s Academy.

2017 NoteBuyer’s Academy Media Set

Director’s Cut

39 Parts, 4 Full Days

39 Downloadable MP3s

Full Manual Used During Event

Perfect companion home-study for the live annual Academy.

The NoteBuyer’s Master Guide System

Master Guide System:


The NoteBuyer’s Master Guide

Making Dollars and Sense With Your Financial Calculator

The NoteBuyer’s Guide to SMART Seller Financing

Master Guide System:

2016 NBA Video

Library of Forms

4 Days of Video from the 2016 Academy

Full Library of Forms

  • Seller-financed, non-performing, good paper
  • Download, Customize, and Print
  • PDF and .doc versions of most forms

Library of Forms

Forms you can download, customize, and print for seller-financed notes, and other good paper and bad paper deals, including specific state and other common forms


Negotiating Is Not A Contact Sport Book & Audio Set

Negotiating Is Not A Contact Sport is currently only being offered as a webinar prize.