Donna Bauer’s Academy Prep Webinar Series

Infallible 4 Steps to Discounting a Note and Preparing Your Offer

Hosted By Donna Bauer

The Original NoteBuyer®

Donna is the recipient of the 2012 Jon Richard’s Educator of the Year Award for “Excellence in Note Buying Education and Training.”

She also received the coveted 2014 Noteworthy Industry Achievement Award for “Many years of sharing expertise in the note buying industry with all who ask.”

What’s In This Webinar?

Donna created the Infallible 4-Step Approach out of fear that she would make a mistake when she gave someone a quote.

This Approach has a built-in feature that makes it impossible to make a mistake! Plus, it sets everything up for quick and easy calculations of your flips.

Step 1: Calculate the Payment

Step 2: Calculate the Balloon, if any

Step 3: Calculate the Current Balance

Step 4: Calculate the Present Value of the Remaining Payments

Tune in to see how this works!